Thursday, April 23, 2009

Careers in Fashion Modeling

The increasing fashion and beauty care awareness among people has led to explosion in demands of fashionable utility products, which in turn has stimulated the supply chains of such products. To reach out to each and every potential costumer the manufacturing companies are promoting their products through advertisement, which has necessitated the requirement of good-looking fashion models as the promoters of these products. As a career option fashion modeling offers everything a young man/woman can want glamour, celebrity status, money and popularity. In comparison to their male counterpart beautiful women are finding better career opportunities in fashion modeling.

Course Details

It is a profession where educational qualifications become insignificant and physical attributes and personal qualities assume importance. The first and most important step to become a fashion model is to prepare a good portfolio. Thereafter they can approach advertising or model co-ordinating agencies or contest in beauty contests and beauty pageants to get a break in modeling. Nevertheless, there are training schools established by ex-models that impart several nuances of fashion modeling like portfolio preparation, ramp & cat walk, grooming & body language, hair & skin care, fitness & diet, positive mental attitude and basic acting.

Career Prospects

Fashion Modeling is, undoubtedly a glamorous field, which offers tremendous career opportunities to ambitious candidates. Moreover, once established it is a highly paid job. Ramp, photographic and electronic medium modelings are three main areas, where fashion models can work. Fashion Models can work for ad agencies, fashion houses and export firms. They also can work with reputed fashion designers on freelance basis. Fashion models also have option to work for fashion and women magazines. Attractive employment opportunities are also available to fashion model in garments, cosmetics and beauty care products companies. Successful fashion models can even try their luck in dazzling film and TV industry.

Institutes Offering

There are several modeling agencies in India that imparted important nuances of fashion modeling. The most popular among such are: Face 1, Mumbai; Ozone Models Management, Mumbai; Mayros Management Services, Mumbai; Catwalk, New Delhi; Platinum Models, New Delhi; Glitz, New Delhi; The Ramp, New Delhi; The Tina Factor, New Delhi; The Bridge, New Delhi; Aditi Modeling Service, Bangalore; Passion EC 191, Kolkata; Profilez Estd., Hyderabad; YSG Worldwide Model and Promotion Agency, Mumbai and New India Models.Com, New Delhi; International Institute of Mass Media, New Delhi and International Institute of Electronic Media & Advertising, New Delh