Friday, July 24, 2009

Building Better Career Futures: Background

one of the three components that make up the Building Better Career Futures (BBCF) program, provides information on theories and approaches of BBCF; articles on themes of the program; and group activities addressing the specific career development outcomes of BBCF. This booklet is organized into four parts. The first part, "Understanding Career Development," includes icebreaker activities; discusses the role of the career development facilitator; group career development; a new career development paradigm; and the current status of career development. This part also presents a lecturette, "The High Five Messages," which includes a workshop leader's guide and exercises to accompany the lecturette. Part 2, "Opportunities in the Labour Market," includes several group and networking activities; information that provides a foundation for successful career development, information concerning Megatrends--a hybrid approach; career information resources and self-help tools; and commonly asked questions. Part 3, "Opportunities for Me," discusses the workforce in transition and provides constructivist counseling information and activities. The final section, "Taking Charge," is a reprint of an article, "Positive Uncertainty: A New Decision-Making Framework for Counselling" (H. B. Gelatt). (MKA)

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